What Color is Love? Part 3

What Color is Love? Part 3
Creating a Color Palette: When selecting a color palette, you want to stick to about 4-5 complementary colors. Limit the number of colors, if you have too much then you will have a color rainbow instead of a color palette which can look chaotic. Choosing colors for a wedding is very much like choosing the colors of your clothes and accessories for an outfit each morning. You don’t want to match too much where your entire outfit is all the same color. That’s why you wear colors that goes well with each other to create a cohesive look. Here are some examples of great color palettes: Animated-Color-Palette-Plugin-For-jQuery-Color-Swatches The color palettes have neutral colors such as browns, grays, whites and black with pops of color to keep the look interesting. Using a Color Palette for Event Decorating: For event decorating, colors can make a break the look of your entire event. Color creates the mood, so you want to make sure you choose selectively. When choosing colors remember the following:
  • Think in color palettes
  • Use complementary colors mixed with neutral colors
  • Use items with texture or prints to create interest
pom_wheels This cake table from a birthday party is a great example of how to properly use a color palette. The decorator used a variety of colors that were still complementary to create an interesting look. Even though the decorator filled the table with a lot of different items, they all matched with her color scheme for cohesive look that isn’t chaotic. Here is a color pallet created based from the colors used in the photo: image008 A color palette pulls the overall look of an event whether you have a lot of decorating items or just a few. In this photo they use small candle votives, a vase of flowers, and there are some branches with string lighting in the background. At first glance, it may appear there isn’t a color palette, but if you look closely, you’ll see the pops of color mixed in with their neutral colors for a romantic garden theme. image009 Here is a sample color palette I created to match the look in the photo. image010 If you need help selecting colors for your event, feel free to contact us at 5 Star Rental. Our linens come in all colors, and we have sample fabrics and swatches for you to view. To schedule an appointment to look at our linens and event decor, please call us at 940.320.9444